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Dear ISMST fellow members and all working in the field related to domestic shockwave therapy,

I am the chairman of the 2023 Daegu ISMST conference, Sun Seung Duk.We are in a time where the long two years of the Covid pandemic are finally meeting its ends. I am honored to be able to invite every single one of you to the 25th ISMST conference that will be held in Daegu from July 21st to 23rd, 2023.

The committee invites global scholars studying shockwaves in various fields and using shockwave treatments to the conference that will provide information from essential to advanced understandings of shockwaves and other multiple activities.

I am highly confident that “ESWT in Sports and Medicine,” followed by “ESWT in Pain Management” sessions, will be a great help to keep you on hands with your future experiences in treating different kinds of pain.

Furthermore, I believe that you will be able to find interest in sessions that will discuss the unlimited potential of shockwave therapy even in the expanded field of nervous system, skin, and sex.

The experts in shockwaves will give lectures about the field's fundamental principles and even share the treatment know-how with you. You will also be given a chance to achieve the “International shockwave therapy approval” by participating in the ICC (instructional certification course) of the ISMST conference.

The ISMST conference of 2023 will be different from the previously held conferences in that the 34th international shockwave symposium, ISSW34, will be simultaneously held in the same week in the same place, in the hope that a synergistic effect of the fields of engineering and medicine will give birth to a new area of integrative shockwave therapeutic study.

We are trying our best to make an optimal environment for the participants to fully grasp the idea and knowledge of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy through the conference, so I hope everyone will show much interest in and anticipation towards the 25th ISMST conference that will be held in the July of 2023, Daegu. I also hope that everyone stays safe and well until the day we meet at the 25th ISMST conference.

Thank you for all the attention and support.

  • Seung Deok Sun
  • Chairman of ISMST
  • 2023 Organizing committee