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Session 1

Shockwaves in Different Specialties I: Urology and Sexual Medicine

  • Dr. Yao Chi Chuang
    KEYNOTE Dr. Yao Chi Chuang Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan New frontiers of extracorporeal shock wave medicine in urology from bench to clinical studies
  • Dr. Irwin Goldstein
    KEYNOTE/RECORDED Dr. Irwin Goldstein San Diego Sexual Medicine, USA ESWT in Women’s and Men’s Sexual Health
  • Dr. Jens Rassweiler
    KEYNOTE/RECORDED Dr. Jens Rassweiler SLK Kliniken Heilbronn, Germany Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy in the wound management of Fournier gangrene - a new approach Abstract

Session 2

Shockwaves in Different Specialties II: Neurology

  • Prof. Karsten Knobloch
    KEYNOTE Prof. Karsten Knobloch Sportpraxis Knobloch, Germany ESWT: from carpal tunnel syndrome to the brain
  • Dr. Tomáš Nedělka
    KEYNOTE Dr. Tomáš Nedělka Rehabilitation Centre of M.D. Jiří Nedělka, Czech Republic ESWT in Neurology – where we are in 2023
  • Dr. Xiancheng Yu
    KEYNOTE Dr. Xiancheng Yu Imperial College London, UK Blast-induced cerebrospinal fluid cavitation: a potential mechanism for blast-induced traumatic brain injury
  • Dr. Karin Freitag
    INVITED Dr. Karin Freitag DKF Clinic, Spain Effect of Transcranial pulse stimulation for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease – The Spanish Experience with a control group study Abstract

Session 3

Shockwave – Biology Meets Physics

  • Prof. Hamid Hosano
    KEYNOTE Prof. Hamid Hosano Kumamoto University, Japan New prospects for non-invasive diagnostics/therapies with medical shock waves Abstract
  • Prof. Johannes Holfeld
    KEYNOTE/RECORDED Prof. Johannes Holfeld Innstruck Medical University, Austria ESWT in Cardiac Surgery
  • Prof. Min Joo Choi
    INVITED Prof. Min Joo Choi Jeju University, Korea Importance of test & management on the performance of shock wave therapeutic devices
  • Dr. Tomonori Kemmoku
    INVITED Dr. Tomonori Kemmoku Kitasato University Japan What happens when extracorporeal shock waves are applicated to muscles? Abstract

Session 4

The Relevance of Shockwaves in Different Health Care Systems

  • Dr. José Eid
    INVITED Dr. José Eid The General Secretary of International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment, Brazil Sociopolitical and economic issues of ESWT
  • Dr. Hung Jen Wang
    INVITED Dr. Hung Jen Wang Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan Current shockwave treatment in Taiwan
  • Dr. Jae Hee Kim
    INVITED Dr. Jae Hee Kim Pinocchio Clinic, Korea Suggestions for sustainable medical shockwave treatment
  • Dr. Rainer Mittermayr
    INVITED Dr. Rainer Mittermayr 1AUVA Trauma Center Meidling, Austria New developments of ESWT in Shoulder
  • Dr. Geng Yan Xing
    INVITED Dr. Geng Yan Xing The 3rd Medical Center of People’s Liberation Army General Hospital, China tba

Session 5

ESWT in Skin

  • Dr. Wolfgang Schaden
    KEYNOTE Dr. Wolfgang Schaden Trauma Surgery and Sports Medicine, Austria ESWT: a must for all surgical disciplines?
  • Prof. Karsten Knobloch
    INVITED Prof. Karsten Knobloch Sportpraxis Knobloch, Germany ESWT for skin rejuvenation
  • Prof. So Young Joo
    INVITED Prof. So Young Joo Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital, Hallym University Application of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy in Burn Rehabilitation Medicine Abstract

Session 6

Shockwave as a Team Player - Combination Therapies

  • Prof. Carlos Leal
    KEYNOTE Prof. Carlos Leal Fenway Medical Center, Colombia ESWT for pain and function in severe knee osteoarthrosis
  • Dr. Jai-Hong Cheng
    INVITED Dr. Jai-Hong Cheng Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan Autologous adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells combined with shockwave therapy synergistically ameliorates the osteoarthritic pathological factors in rat knee joint Abstract
  • Dr. Hwan Kyu Roh
    INVITED Dr. Hwan Kyu Roh Heartwell Clinic, Korea Venous insufficiency of the upper body
  • Prof. Ludger Gerdesmeyer
    INVITED Prof. Ludger Gerdesmeyer University of Kiel, Germany Team player or solo athlete?
  • Dr. Sergej Thiele
    INVITED Dr. Sergej Thiele Martin-Luther Hospital Germany Combination of manual therapy and RPW
  • Dr. Young Lae Moon
    INVITED Dr. Young Lae Moon YM Orthopaedic Hospital, Korea Combination of shock wave therapy and PRP for elbow Tendinosis

Session 7

ESWT in Sports Medicine

  • Dr. Norimasa Takahashi
    KEYNOTE Dr. Norimasa Takahashi Funabashi Orthopaedic Hospital, Japan Clinical experience of ESWT for upper extremity in athletes
  • Prof. Karsten Knobloch
    INVITED Prof. Karsten Knobloch Sportpraxis Knobloch, Germany ESWT in sports medicine - update in 2023
  • Dr. Toru Omodani
    INVITED Dr. Toru Omodani Tokyo Advanced Orthopaedics, Japan ESWT for lower extremity disorder in juvenile athlete Abstract
  • Dr. Wen Yi Chou
    INVITED Dr. Wen Yi Chou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan Artificial intelligence for ESWT in calcific tendinitis of the shoulders Abstract
  • Prof. Ju Young Choi
    INVITED Prof. Ju Young Choi Former Leader of Vietnam National Football Medical Team, Korea tba

Session 8

ESWT in Pain Management

  • Prof. Carla Stecco
    KEYNOTE/RECORDED Prof. Carla Stecco University of Padova, Italy tba
  • Dr. Hannes Müller-Ehrenberg
    KEYNOTE Dr. Hannes Müller-Ehrenberg Dr. H. Müller-Ehrenberg, Orthopädische Privatpraxis, Germany Myofascial syndrome and low back pain: focused shockwaves as diagnostic tool for myofascial trigger points
  • Dr. Maria Cristina D'Agostino
    KEYNOTE Dr. Maria Cristina D'Agostino Humanitas Research Hospital, Italy SW and Innate Immunity: a strategy for the self – healing enhancement
  • Dr. Yasuhiro Nishimori
    INVITED Dr. Yasuhiro Nishimori Nagoya City University , Japan ESWT in pain management Abstract
  • Dr. Yusuke Iwahori
    INVITED Dr. Yusuke Iwahori Sanjinkai Asahi Hospital Extracorporeal shock wave therapy for pitching disorders