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Beware of NON-OFFICIAL websites and agencies for K-ETA

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  • Date2023-03-15 15:13:57
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  • The Government of the Repulic of Korea has implemented the Korea Electronic Travel Authrorization (K-ETA) from September 1st, 2021.
  • Recently, some non-official K-ETA application websites were found to be illegally collecting a higher fee than the official fee and relevant damage cases have been reported.
  • Please be careful to protect yourself from damages due to fradulent non-oficial K-ETA websites and agencies.
  • Kindly note that the Government of the Republic of Korea has not desofnated any agency for K-ETA application.
  • Please make sure to apply through the K-ETA official website (www.k-eta.go,kr) or mobile app (K-ETA).
  • Please be extra cautious to avoid any financial damages or frauds to non-official application agencies.
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